Written by Jaymi Naciri

Thinking of remodeling your kitchen this year? Kitchens are the top spot for renovations, and are often both the most expensive and the most likely to bring a great return on investment. The kitchen is also the space that has the most potential for changing the way you live, simply because of how much time is spent there.

If you’re redoing your kitchen, you don’t just want to make it pretty. You also want it to function well. And why not add some cool stuff to it while you’re at it.

Here are 10 of the coolest kitchen features you’ll want to consider for your remodel.

1. A hi-tech refrigerator
Who needs a regular old fridge when you can have the ChillHub, with USB ports, built-in wi-fi connectivity and an iOS app?

“That’s exactly what the smart refrigerator built by General Electric’s FirstBuild has created, said CNBC. The refrigerator “was built with accessories in mind, specifically accessories that can be 3-D printed.”

2. Light-up countertops

Yes, quartz countertops continue to be a growing trend. But if you want something unique, different, and special, you might want to consider onyx.

“Who needs wall art when you have 1,900 pounds of onyx countertops illuminated from within by 1,600 LED lights?” said HGTV.

3. For the love of pizza

Forget the pizza oven. You need an entire pizza room. An example of HGTV’s 10 amazing kitchens, “this cozy pizza room, located just off the kitchen, comes complete with limestone floors, mosaic tiles on the ceiling and maple cupboards with plenty of storage for essential pizza-making equipment.”

4. A fireplace

Nothing makes a house homier than adding a crackling fireplace, and when you have one in your kitchen, you up the warmth and the charm. If you have the space, this is one addition you won’t regret.

5. Take advantage of the corners

Figuring out how to maximize space is the age-old dilemma, no matter what size kitchen you are working with. Right angles make that more difficult. Lazy Susan corner cabinets are one solution. Or, you can go with these ingenious corner drawers.

6. The baking drawer

Take this opportunity to customize your cabinetry to meet your needs. A large storage drawer under your wall oven offers a great opportunity to house all of your baking supplies in one convenient space.

7. A place for every spice

While you’re at it, plan for a pullout spice cabinet. Placed right next to your stove, it gives you easy access to all your spices just where you need them.

8. The divided trash pullout drawer

It seems like such a simple thing, but it’s one that will streamline the way you work in your kitchen. As you’re designing your cabinetry, make sure to include a pullout trash drawer separated into sections for regular trash and recyclables. It might just become your favorite new feature.

“Make life easier by planning a handy trash and recycling area,” said Better Homes and Gardens. “This is one feature you will use every day, so convenience is paramount.”

9. The holy grail of wine storage

Have a basement (or an area you can dig out to create one)? Then you, too, can have one of the coolest features around in any part of the houseā€”a spiral wine cellar, with a “trapdoor under the floor, leading to a secret spiral wine cellar,” said the kitchn.

10. Get connected

When you’re thinking about new appliances, take into account not just how they cook, but how you can use them to make life easier. The GE Brillion app interacts with many of its GE Profile wall ovens, enabling you to “remote turn-on, preheat while you’re driving home, (make) temperature changes and check meat probe settings,” said Mashable.

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