Written by Jaymi Naciri

Going through the escrow process can be stressful when you’re buying a home. Once you do, you get the privilege of living in the home you’ve worked so hard for. But first, you have to move.


Not only is moving a pain, it’s also, not coincidentally, a huge stressor that can cause anxiety, depression, and even divorce!
“Almost two in three (61 percent) placed the ordeal at the top of their stress list in a poll of 2,000 adults who have moved homes in the past three years,” said Express. They found that misplaced possessions and waiting too long to pack were among the “most stressful moving day moments.”

So how do you move without losing your mind? These 10 tips will help.

1. Breathe

When thing start to go wrong—you don’t have room in your last remaining box for the rest of the guest room knickknacks, your mover just dropped the box with your champagne glasses in it, or your labeling pen just ran out—there’s one thing that can help: just breathe. And count to 10 while you’re at it. It won’t fix the situation, but it will help you to keep your cool and stay focused on the task at hand.

2. Relax

Powering through the packing, moving, and unpacking may sound like a great idea, but it might not be a pleasant experience if it means you’re skipping the activities that help keep you happy. Whether making time for morning yoga, lighting candles and playing calm music, or taking a bubble bath with a good book is your method for relaxing, let yourself have it. It might feel counterintuitive if you have a ton of work to do, but you may actually be more productive once you’ve taken the edge off.

3. Drink

Specifically, water to keep yourself hydrated. Packing may not seem like hard physical work, but all that lifting, stretching, twisting, and kneeling is actually quite a workout.

Make sure you also set aside a bottle of wine for when you’re done moving (plus one or two for when you have your friends over to help you pack).

4. Get some sleep

When we’re overtired, we’re more likely to be grouchy, which can make what is already an unpleasant experience even more so.

5. Label everything (we mean everything)

What seems like a hassle at the time will pay off later when you are able to easily locate the one remote control you need to make all of your electronics work because you listed all the contents on each box. Whether you label them per room (bedrooms are a given) or by type (bed linens in one, towels in another, all boxable electronics together) or a hybrid of both, you’ll be happy you made the effort.

10. Do your research on movers

You don’t want to end up on Dateline because the shady mover you hired took your stuff hostage. The key to finding a good mover is research, research, research. Ask for referrals and then check them out thoroughly to look for complaints. Protect Your Move will tell you if they are licensed or have ever had a formal complaint, and Moving Scam is a great place to look because they have a message board loaded with detailed info as well as a black list of moving companies to stay away from.

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