Written by Helen Chong

Moving is a hard thing to do, especially if it is to a different city, state, or even neighborhood. Looking into different things about the areas can help you narrow down your search, and find out if it is the area for you. There are some resources online you can use to let your fingers do the walking before you put a lot of time into running around and checking things out. gives you the option to search by state and then narrow it down from there. You can find crime rates, schools, local weather trends, resident income levels, local libraries, and more. If you are moving across cities, this is the place to start your search.

At you can search by address and collect more information about the area and neighborhoods. It will give you registered offenders within a mile radius, weather hazards, average home prices, and average school ratings for that address.

Have an idea of what you want out of a neighborhood? Visit to get matched with an area that meets your needs. It will give you neighborhoods that you might like, and everything you need to know about them.

If you have school-aged kids, or want more information about the local schools, is the site to visit. You can also visit where you can find more information about your prospective neighborhood.

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